In this episode, Sonic is having trouble finding the fourth chaos emerald: the light blue one! Can Sonic desperately find it before it's too late?

Sonic: Man, I hate how I didn't get one emerald! I have 5 out of 6, where's THAT FUCKING ONE!???????

Shadow: I have no idea man!

Silver: Same here.

Sonic: Uh okay but I really need it!!!!

  • later he goes to mcdonalds but his friends are at KFC*

Knuckles: So, we are waiting for Sonic, right?

Tails: Screw him, if he doesn't come in 5 minutes, we will leave and go without him!

Big the Cat: I'm calling him now again!

  • telephone ringing*

Sonic: Hello?

Big the Cat: We are waiting for you! We are at KFC!

Sonic: Oh crap, I thought we were going at McDonalds, NOT KFC!!!

Big the Cat: Who cares?

Sonic: Damn you!

  • 5 minutes later and he arrives at KFC*

Sonic: Sorry for being late but...uh...I wanted to find something!

Big the Cat: OK, did you found it?

Sonic: Sorry but didn't.

Knuckles: Now that we are here, let's eat something!

Tails: Yes!

Knuckles: For some reason I want to eat Tails' tails!

Tails: No!

Sonic: Haha!

Big the Cat: That wasn't funny!

Sonic: Why not?

Tails: Because it wasn't?

Knuckles: No, because these guys can't accept humor! Don't listen to them Sonic, listen to me!

Sonic: OK but...hey where are you guys going? *however tails & big ignored sonic, but knuckles stayed with sonic*

Sonic: I guess they ate too much.

The End.