In this episode, Sonic and his friends go dancing but in same time random idiots start dancing and annoy Sonic very much. Can he control his temper?

This is the first episode featuring a dialogue:

Sonic: OK guys, let's go to dance!

Tails: Sounds good but we should find a partner first!

Big the Cat: *cough* we are all partners, fool!

Tails: Shut up you idiot!

Sonic: HEY HEY, stop it please! I fucking hate when we can't respect each other!

Big the Cat: Says the little kid.

Tails: *giggles*

Knuckles: HEY you all stop, Sonic didn't do anything wrong! *punches Tails in head*

Tails: My head hurts!

However in that time, the guests stars (asdf guys) start appearing.

asdf Potato: Hello, I'm a potato and I am a fan of Sonic!

Sonic: Thanks but you are very tiny!

asdf crusher: Ah there you are little potato, come here to crush you!

asdf potato: NOOO PLEASE! *got crushed*

Sonic: Why did you do that?

asdf crusher: Because it's fucking funny!

Knuckles: Can we go along now?

Dancing Idiots: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you assholes don't stand a chance against us!

asdf flipper: Oh really? EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!

Sonic: This sounds good but where are the rest?

asdf "I Like Trains" guy: I LIKE TRAINS!

asdf crusher: NO NO WAIT! *asdf guys got killed by train*

asdf flipper: Hmm, the party is over!

Sonic: Man, that was a waste of time! Let's go home!

Big the Cat: NO NO NO, you don't go anywhere!

Tails: Let him go if he wants.

Knuckles: Bye Sonic, see you tomorrow!

Sonic: Goodbye friends!

asdf flipper: So that was? Sonic is gone? Man, now I forgot my moves!