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Nelson is a little kid most likely aged 8, that Ally gives music lessons to because he wants to be an aspiring musician. He always comes in with something/someone that he believes he's supposed to have a lesson on. Ally then tells him that he's supposed to have a different type of lesson. He then says a "famous quote", "Aww nartz!" He is portrayed by Cole Sand.



  • He wants a mustache.
  • He said he was "Cotton candy man"!
  • He constanly says "Aww nartz"!
  • He has an homeless uncle name Uncle Hank.
  • He rides the bus.
  • He has his own piano.
  • He takes music lessons from Ally.
  • He isn't really good at playing the instruments as shown when he hits notes in the wrong order and key.
  • When he shouts or gestures a command, everyone else does what he tells them.
  • He was in Dez's movie, Claws (Dun Dun Dun!).
  • He thought Claws was Santa Claus, so he brought a snowman and came dressed as an elf. After learning the movie is just Claws, he said "Aww nartz!" and complained about how long it took to get the snowman in Miami.