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Managers & Meatballs" is the seventh episode in Season 1 of Austin & Ally. It first aired on January 29, 2012.


Austin gets wooed by a top music manager who wants to get rid of Ally as his songwriter, Trish as his manager and Dez as his music video director and bring in a whole new professional team for him. Austin soon realizes that he misses his friends. Later Dez and the girls find out Demonica's treachery. She throws away Ally's song without even listening to it and sabotages Austin's Jam-A-Thon gig to make Trish look bad by having her assistant pose as Trish over the phone, impersonating her voice. The gang plots to get revenge on Demonica for what she done to them.

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  • directTV mistook this for an hour-long episode.
  • Austin reveals that he had the measels when he was 9.
  • Despite being Statue Guy's first appearance, it is the only time his movement is seen on-screen and his only speaking role.
  • Many of the scenes in this episode was used in Comedies For Kids series WildSide episodes first:
  1. When they are sitting at the table, when someone said Ally's name, Ally was like "Hmm?" with a piece of spaghetti this is like in the WildSide episode "Wild Injury" when someone said Justice's name and she was like "Hmm?" with pasta in her mouth
  2. When the manager did her "cool exit", clicking her fingers. This was like in the WildSide episode "Wild Undercover Celebrity" when Rachel, April, Gary and Justice exit, they say "Cool exit" and start singing the Undercover Celebrity theme song backing out of the room and clicking
  3. The way the manager replaced Ally's, Trish's and Dez's jobs and basically wrecking their dreams. A similar thing occured in the WildSide episode "Wild Weird Boy" when a boy named Fred Hanson ruined their dreams