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Mad Dog is Face Puncher's daughter, who Ally and Trish meet in the episode Kangaroos & Chaos. She is portrayed by Emily Skinner.She has blonde hair, and it appears she does ballet as she is seen wearing a ballerina costume. She seems to have a necklace that looks like it has a butterfly.

When Face Puncher comes to the dry cleaners to pick up his jacket and sees it has been ruined, he gets angry. Austin quickly steps in to take the blame, and just as Face Puncher is about to punch him, a little girl walks in, sparing Austin from being "face punched." She is identified as Mad Dog by Face Puncher. As said by both her and her father, she hates waiting, which was why she came into the dry cleaners.

Mad Dog sees the small pink jacket, and thinks it's for her from her dad. Face Puncher helps her put it on, no longer minding that his jacket was ruined since his daughter loves it. When the two are about to leave the store, Mad Dog sees Austin and requests an autograph, to which he excitedly obliges. She seems to be a huge Austin Moon fan and seems to have heard A Billion Hits and all songs before.