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Lester Dawson is Ally's father and the owner of the music store, Sonic Boom. He is a recurring character on the show. Not much is known about his wife because she hasn't made an appearence and they have never talked about her. He is known to play the accordion. He is not very strict


  • Lester doesn't seem to mind that Ally and Trish hang out with two boys that he's probably never met, but this may be because he trusts Ally.
  • He seems to be out of town a lot.
  • He may be a single parent, because in World Records & Work Wreckers, he tells Ally he can't afford any new employees, possibly meaning that he doesn't have a wife to help support the family.
  • He has a bad back.
  • He orders the inventory for the shop all at once, to save four dollars and thirty-six cents.
  • He once gave Ally an allowance of chicken fingers (revealed in Soups & Stars).
  • He can't afford another employee, and doesn't allow Trish to work at Sonic Boom due to her lack of hard work.
  • He likes taking money out of the mall fountain claiming that his wish is to get more money.
  • He likes to save money.
  • He found a popcorn machine.

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