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JJ De la Rosa is Trish's younger brother. JJ is a magician, and is first seen in the episode Club Owners & Quinceaneras.


JJ is a very quirky kid who loves to do magic. He is not that great of a magician but tries to his hardest to become one although fails most of the time which gets his older sister, Trish, annoyed.

Character History

Club Owners & Quinceaneras

JJ wants to do a magic act at Trish's quinceanera. At the party, Trish tells him to not do a card trick. When JJ is about to perform a trick that cuts someone in half, Trish tells him to do a card trick. Trish let's him cut her in half and at that trick, he succeeds. But, Trish begins to freak out when he can't figure out how to put her back together.



Trish De la Rosa

Trish and JJ are brother and sister. Trish lets JJ do his magic act at her quinceanera even though he could barely do a simple trick. They seem to make fun of each other often, but they still love each other a lot.

Mrs. De la Rosa

Mrs. De la Rosa is JJ and Trish's mom. She obviously loves them both very much.


  • JJ is Trish's younger brother.