It's Me, It's You
Song by Ross Lynch as Austin Moon
Album: TBA
Episode: Zaliens & Cloud Watchers
Burglaries & Boobytraps
Genre(s): Soft rock, Pop
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It's Me, It's You is a pop-song that was originally written by Julia Michaels, Mike Mcgarity and Joleen Belle. This song was featured in the episode "Zaliens & Cloud Watchers", and was performed by Austin Moon. The song is basically about how Austin and ally might be different, But that's okay they can still hangout.


I like the bass when it booms
You like the high-end treble
I'm like the 99th floor
and you're cool on street level

I like the crowd rock,
rock, rock
rocking it loud

You like the sound of hush, hush
Hey! Keep it down
Head drums, flip flops, retro, dance, pop
We rock different ways
Beach bum, city fun, touchdown, home run
What can I say - aay - aay

It's me (its me), It's you (its you) I know we're not the same
But we do what we do!
It's you (it's you) and it's me (and it's me)
And who says that we have to agree?

'Cause I like
What I like
And sometimes we collide
But it's me (but it's me) and it's you (and it's you)
I know we're not the same, but we do what we do


  • This is the second song that Austin sings about Ally.
  • In the episode, Burglaries & Boobytraps, Ally is caught dancing to this song
  • When Ally first played this song for Austin they flirtily smiled at each other.
  • Walter is siting on a chair that Austin turns around.