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Face Puncher is a minor character portrayed by Hollywood Yates, who went to get his championship jacket dry cleaned by Trish in the episode Kangaroos & Chaos. He tells Trish and Ally that Mad Dog hates waiting which is revealed at the end of the episode to be his daughter. The jacket later is shrunk and turned pink by Trish and Austin takes the blame for it. Face Puncher wants to beat up Austin for 'ruining' his jacket and Mad Dog saves Austin by asking her dad if he got the jacket for her. He knows who Dez is by saying that he was the guy who ate the twenty pound hamburger which Dez autographs Face Puncher's shirt in ketchup which makes Face Puncher chase after Dez to beat him up. In this episode, Ally says that he looks like a "hand holder" or a "hug giver" instead of a face puncher, then opens her arms, wanting to hug him, he growls at her, then Ally lowered her arms. He apparently got his name because he punches people in the face.