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Bree is one of the main characters of the series. She is a very fast superhuman. She is Leo's only stepsister which makes her the special one on Leo's mom's side. There is a slight chance that she has the need to fit in or gain friends as seen in the first episode. She is portrayed by Kelli Berglund.


Bree is the only girl in the bionic trio, but that doesn't stop her from fitting in perfectly with the guys. Leo's stepdad gave her super speed, and the ability to jump very high. She also has some problems walking in high heels as shown when she wears a pair and Leo thinks she should wear a helmet with them. The reason for her wearing them was so she wouldn't be able to run away from her crush, Ethan, when he got near her, as he makes her nervous.


  • When she gets nervous she runs to somewhere she does not know and can't stop.


  • Super Speed
  • Super Jump
  • Quick thinking, she is able to efficiently solve problems, as shown in "Rats on a Train"
  • Repels off of walls
  • Sonic Cyclone


Crush, Chop and Burn

Commando App

Leo's Jam

Rats on a Train

Exoskeleton vs. Grandma

Smart and Smarter

Bionic Birthday Fail

Death Spiral Smackdown


  • She stole Adam's E-Pod and made fun of his playlist with Taylor Swift's music.
  • She has always wanted to go to Paris.
  • She seems to dislike her brother, Adam, but still loves him.
  • The first non-Davenport person she assosiates with is Leo.
  • She has a crush on a boy that sits next to her in chemistry, Ethan.
  • Because she goes to the dance with Ethan and not Kavan, it can be possible that she doesn't have feelings for Kavan anymore.
  • It's possible her original name is Breanna since her name is Bree (which can be her nickname).
  • She's not good at walking in high-heels.
  • She is very good at ballet.
  • She has a cell phone.
  • She has a BFF necklace.
  • Due to Chase being 14 and Adam being 16, Bree is probably around 15